Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend update:

Tim got home from work late Friday night, feeling oh so sick. Poor thing....he lay around the house all day yesterday, went to bed early last night, and is feeling much better today. Hooray! Yesterday the kids and I went looking for party invitations for Clay's 15th birthday. I can't believe I have a child who will be turning 15 in two weeks! He decided on a pool party, with a bonfire and s'mores later....coed....5-10 pm. His birthday is the day after Simon and Louise arrive so it will be fun for Simon as well!

After searching for the perfect (not too girly) invitations, we went to the new produce stand which recently opened near our house. I LOVE this place. I guess it is the closest thing Orange Park has to a farmer's market. The tomatoes are ugly and mis-shapen on the outside, but when you cut them open they are beautiful and delicious. Anyway, I got so inspired by all the yummy, fresh produce that we had a healthy, vegetarian dinner last night - tomato, cucumber and onion salad (I usually make this with feta cheese, but alas, we didn't have any. It was good anyway!), white acre peas and rice, corn on the cob, homemade potato salad, and green beans. I think all that yummy food is what made Tim start feeling better! :)) is helping me clean up the house, Clay is mowing the lawn, Tim is pressure washing the pool deck, and then in a couple of hours my old college roommate is stopping by for some pool time with her family. I can't wait to see her.
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