Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paige did another day of tennis camp yesterday - she absolutely loves tennis! We will try to get her there another day or two this week and next....and she is even thinking about doing the tennis team (league??) next year. She is so happy that she has found another sport besides dance that she enjoys doing. Yesterday afternoon, after tennis, she went to the dentist to have her last two baby teeth pulled so that we can get started with braces. Clay had lost all his baby teeth by the time he was 11....but these last two of Paige's were just hanging in there.....so anyway, we have an appointment with the orthodontist in two weeks to see what can be done and how much THAT will cost! Ugh.

It is a rainy, dreary morning here.....we don't have too much planned for today. Paige and I are going to start sanding her new (old) twin beds which will be painted white and go in her room - hopefully before July 10th, when the French children arrive! Other than that little project, there is not too much on the agenda....
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