Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yesterday was kind of a boring day - busy, but boring. I had a doctor's appointment at Mayo Clinic...just getting in with an internist, nothing exciting. Tim and I are trying to switch all of our doctors out there - because it is just such a nice environment. If your appointment is at 11:00, you are in at 11:00. Imagine that!! So anyway, I like this doctor but he is ordering a bunch of tests, which is probably a good thing - although a bit of a hassle. I will have a CT scan done just to make sure my migraines are nothing more serious, another colonoscopy since I haven't had one in about 9 years, when I was diagnosed with the Crohn's Disease. Ugh. Necessary, I know....but UGH! After my appointment at Mayo, we had to rush downtown for Paige's appointment at Nemours. They took another x-ray and found that there has been no worsening of the scoliosis, which is good news. I had been hoping that they would say there had been an improvement, but the Dr. explained that nothing can correct the curvature she already has except surgery. So....OK, then. The really good news as far as Paige is concerned is that Dr. Neal told her she doesn't need to take her brace with her to France - she can take two weeks off....she is thrilled!!!

Tim got home late last night from Munich - he is home for 4 days! Hooray! Paige has started back with Taekwondo....Clay is going arond the house making beds, cleaning the kitchen, generally being abnormally helpful...because he wants to go fishing....hee hee...I think I'll milk this for a little while longer before I tell him he can head out to the dock......
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