Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paige takes over the blog for a while......

This is Clay's messy room before he "cleaned" it!
Gracie wants to be let out of jail....I mean, her crate.....
She's free!! Happy puppy :))

I took all these pictures myself. It has been raining all day today. I found my old gameboy and some of the games (very old ones, like Barbie's Ocean Adventure). I also found an old Crocodile Hunter game, but it didn't work. Too bad. I bet I could have sold it on ebay!! I have taekwondo later this afternoon. My friend's father just died so we made dinner for them. Isn't that sad?

My mom has had a bad migraine and hasn't been feeling well so I am doing the blog for her! This summer is going by fast. Daddy gets home tomorrow night. He has been gone for 6 days! Maybe we can go on the boat if it isn't raining. I am hoping that maybe I can start trying to do one ski by the end of the summer - like Clay does. Only better. Ha ha ha!! Just kidding. Sort of.
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