Friday, June 19, 2009

More from Paige...

Hey everyone!

Do you like the new blog colors? Give us some feedback! What colors would YOU like to see? It's the weekend! I wrote an essay for Daddy for Father's Day about what a wonderful father he is. I hope he likes it, I do. Mommy says he will probably cry when he reads it. Yay!! As long as they are tears of joy and not because he thinks it is bad!! I also made him a coupon book for stuff like helping with yard work, cleaning the house, a relaxing day, etc. Clay also did some coupons for him. I can't think of anything else to get him. Do you guys have any suggestions? (I don't have any money though, so it has to be creative)

I am so excited!! Only 3 more weeks until my BFF Louise comes from France. Yikes, I need to start earning money for spending money when I go to France. :-( Maybe I can walk dogs or babysit or something. I hope Simon is not mean to Louise and I. (He is Louise's brother).
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