Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Part I

Tim left for Munich this morning, Clay is in school, Paige is reading a book and we will head out for tennis camp in about an hour, and I am just puttering around the house....checking email, randomly picking up, starting laundry, etc. Yesterday afternoon we discovered that our freezer in the guest cottage was not freezing....Tim called a repairman who informed us that the compressor was shot and that it was really not worth trying to fix - it would be cheaper to buy a new freezer. Great. That is definitely NOT in the budget!! I am really annoyed because it is only about three years old! Anyway, we had to clean out our freezer here in the house and try to make room for stuff - some things had to be thrown out....and we grilled a bunch of burgers and salmon burgers for dinner last night! Today we are going to have pot roast (it's cooking in the crock pot right now)....Pot roast, when it is supposed to be 93 degrees today with a heat index of around 100. Oh joy!

Clay seems to being doing well in his summer school classes - which is a relief! He has a high B in French so far, and an A- in Math. One wonders why he couldn't have done this during the regular school year and avoided this expense and hassle, doesn't one???

Paige LOVES tennis camp. She looks so cute in her little outfits....I will try to get a photo of her today, but every time I try I get the evil eye from her so I will have to be sneaky.....hopefully I will be able to post one tomorrow!
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