Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gus and other stuff...

Photos du jour of Gus/aka "Little Man"/aka "Pootie"

Isn't he getting so big?   Such a cutie.  Well, except for the little problem he still has occasionally.

Nothing exciting to report here.   I had a message from our realtor saying that we may have another showing on Saturday.  I love having a little notice to make sure it is clean!!

I have been debating whether or not to share the following if you are reading this, DO NOT tell Tim!!  My poor, computer-illiterate husband!

Tuesday night he came home just for the evening - he left for another three day trip the next morning.  So, in his defense I will say that he was very, anyway, Tim goes online to check the bank balance and make sure his paycheck was deposited, etc.  The next thing I hear is him harrumphing and yelling about how he is sick and tired of the kids always getting on the computer and messing everything up.  I ask what the problem is...and he informs me that he cannot log on because the kids have messed something up and the computer will only write in capital letters!!!!  Speechless?  Waiting for the punch line?  So was I!!  I told him that they didn't mess anything up, he needs to click the "caps lock" key.  He shrilly informs me (seriously, he was getting a little shrill) that he doesn't have any idea what that is and it is all the kid's fault, etc. etc.  I try to explain where the "caps lock" key is (Really?  Really?) and he stomps off to go terrorize our poor children for having the temerity to HIT THE CAPS LOCK KEY and   mess up his little system.  I fixed it for him, and all was well.  But, c'mon, really?  Later, once he'd calmed down I tried to tell him that he was being ridiculous and it wasn't the kid's fault that HE messed up.  So, then he informs me that it isn't his fault - no one ever explained this stuff to him - he never had a computer class!!!  Ahem.  As an aside, I'll just mention here that I HAVEN'T HAD A COMPUTER CLASS EITHER!!!  I mean, it's not rocket science, is it?  OK, I know you think I am exaggerating.  I'm not, I swear.  I couldn't make this stuff up.

Aaawww.....bless his heart!  Love you honey!
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