Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas....

I haven't gotten all of the decorations out....but here are a few of my Santas from my Santa Claus collection, and a few nutcrackers from the NC collection....I'm still working on our little Charlie Brown tree.  AKA the Norfolk Island Pine that is substituting for our usual Christmas tree this year.  I ran up to Publix the other day just to buy a small strand of lights.  Unfortunately, I bought icicle lights which, well, don't work so great on a tree.

I felt so much better on Thanksgiving that I thought I was finally getting over this cold.  Not.  I have been terribly congested the past couple of days and suffering from a sinus headache.  I hate colds.

Yesterday the kids went downtown with Ging Ging (my mother).  She got a hotel room and they had a little party to watch the boat parade and the fireworks.  My great Aunt Helen and cousins all came and brought a ton of food (according to Clay, who we all know is RULED by his stomach these days!)  Hopefully, they got some great photos which we will be able to post later...

Tim and I enjoyed the peace and quiet, got Chinese takeout from Ming Moon, and went to bed early.  Pathetic, aren't we?
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