Friday, November 6, 2009

To everything there is a season...

We are all still incredibly sad, and still a bit in shock - the entire situation just feels unbelievable - but we are beginning to heal.  Clay has a strong support network in his youth group, and has begun to communicate with his former school friends from St. John's, which helps a lot.  This afternoon I am picking up Clay and some of his friends (who also went to St. John's last year) from the high school and taking them over to St. John's where they are having a memorial service for Kevin this afternoon.  Clay arranged all of this - calling St. John's to make sure it was OK for them to come, organizing everything....I will pick them all up after the memorial and bring them back to the house and feed them (hotdogs, chips???) and then I will take them back up to SJCDS for the football game.  Kevin was a football player, so there will be another short memorial before the game.  The students at St. Johns have also apparently designed t-shirts and made bracelets which they will be selling at the game, and giving the proceeds to Kevin and Katie's mother.  The funeral is Sunday.

I am (along with someone else from the church) making dinner for Dana's (the mother) family tomorrow (Yikes - for 25 people) and then the funeral is Sunday.  The point is that having something to do helps!  

We will move on, and life will get back to normal - but our hearts are heavy, and a part of my children's innocence has ben ripped away.  I have gotten so many messages of love and support from so many - and I want you all to know how much I appreciate it.
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