Saturday, November 21, 2009

I was woken up at 6:30 am this morning by the purr monster/love cat/Gus.  Awww...sweet kitty, but AARGH!  It's my only morning to sleep in!  Thank heavens for coffee!  So...Gus and I are the only ones awake.

Tim got home last night - hooray!  He had to leave for work the day after the funeral, and since then we have only seen him for a day here and there.  He is home now for 8 days including Thanksgiving!!!  He also managed to get Christmas off for next month.  :-))

Yesterday was spent ironing the humongous pile of clothes which has been building up in my laundry room, cleaning ceiling fans (yuck!), wiping down all of our kitchen cabinets (because apparently, I am the only one who can see the sticky mess that results from spilled orange juice or grape jelly!!), scrubbing bathtubs, grocery shopping (squeezed that in when I picked Clay up), and cleaning the ovens. Well, technically, the oven cleaned itself last night with the self-clean feature and I will wipe it out today.  We still haven't heard when, or if, the showing will be - but I figured that all this stuff needed to be done anyway.

This morning Tim is planning to pressure wash the outside of the house because those darned blind mosquitos are everywhere!!  Clay took some photos yesterday and last night and wants to do his own blog post, so I'm sure you'll get to see the pictures of those nasty things covering our windows.  Blech!!  He also got some amazing shots of our eagle - I'm telling you, he IS the bird whisperer.  Whenever I try to get close enough to get a better picture they fly away.  Clay managed to get halfway down the dock!

Keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, or whatever works for you - that the people (hopefuly) looking at our house fall in love with it and want to offer full price!!  LOL  Well, I can dream can't I????
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