Friday, November 13, 2009

No more helicopter mom!

My friend Suzette (who also used to be a bit of a helicopter mom) told me she is making a conscious effort NOT to be one these days, and that life with her teenager has gotten much more pleasant - so I decided to take her advice and try to control my hovering instincts.  Clay just calls them my nagging instincts.  Whatever.

I told Clay at the end of the first quarter that I was not going to check his grades online anymore.  I told him that he knows what we expect, and what the consequences will be if he brings grades lower than a "B" home.  (No more facebook, no more cell phone, and definitely no more fishing!!)  Clay looked shocked, and said, "But what if I am getting good grades that I want you to see??!!"  I told him that he can always print them out to show me, but that I wasn't going to keep track of stuff and remind him about stuff anymore.  We are now at the end of the third week of the 2nd quarter, and Clay has come home every day, gone online and checked his grades, let his teachers know immediately if there were any mistakes, and has ALL "A'S" AND ONE (high) "B"!!  By the way, the "B" is in French.  May I just say that I am SO PROUD of him!!  And, may I also say, "Thank you, Suzette - you wise woman!!"  

I do admit to still doing a bit of helicoptering with his room and bathroom.  Hey, I'm a work in progress! And, really, that's just about sanitation!

In other news, Clay is on antibiotics for his ear infection and is feeling much better.  Clay and I are getting our hair cut today after I pick him up from school.  After that, we are going to my cousin Bailey's dress rehearsal dinner, and tomorrow is the wedding!  Also, tomorrow - Paige will be performing an excerpt from Nutcracker at St. Catherine's Church.  I can't wait to see her in her costume!  (Photos soon!)
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