Wednesday, November 25, 2009


                                                                                                                                 This is one of our resident eagles that I snuck up on.  I got to within 20 feet of it !!!!
these are some pictures of the blind mosquito pandemic we had

They were everywhere !!!!

Heres Paige's new kitten  sleeping

 This a picture of a bass i caught in our creek.  thats right... the little stream, drainage thing.  It weighed about 10 pounds.

Other than those weird things that I happened to get pictures of, my life has been pretty normal.  School is good as can be, tae kwon do is going good  and life at home has been ok.  Mom and dad still get mad at me a lot though while Paige is the little angel.  Oh well.

PAIGE'S TURN:   Homeschooling is good. I like being able to do work on my bed. I have a lot of catching up to do because I "technically" missed the first nine weeks. That stinks, but oh well. 
     My kitty is adorable, as you can see from Clay's pictures above. His name is Gus, like in Cats. I really can't wait until he is DE-clawed. He wakes up around 5 or so in the morning and wants to play, but I still want to sleep. It stinks, and everybody else in the house thinks I am going crazy because I wake him up every time he falls asleep. If I see him sleeping, I tell everybody to wake him up. But apparently, Clay just takes pictures and lets him sleep. :-( oh well! 
     Nothing that interesting has been going on. Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  Happy Turkey Day!!! I am going to eat dinner now,  am starving. Mom made pot roast! YUMMY!!!!!



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