Sunday, November 1, 2009

How November is starting out for the VK's....

Tim left for a trip this morning, the kids were at their grandmother's...and I was planning on a mellow, relaxing day.  I started to color cover my gray....had the gunk all in my hair.  Then the phone rang.  Tim was on 295 when a board fell off a pickup truck in front of him and he had a blow out.  I quickly rinsed off my hair, threw on some clothes and drove out to (almost) the airport, picked Tim and the (bent) rim up and drove him to the airport to make his flight.  Then I drove back to Orange Park, found a tire store, bought a new tire....and headed back out to the airport.  Many thanks to my Uncle Craig, who came along and replaced the tire on Tim's car for me.  After that, I dropped Tim's car in the parking lot for him, and drove BACK AGAIN to Orange Park. It is 2:30 pm and I just got home.  Whew.

Tim was very lucky - you can see in the photo that his tire was just shredded - he could have had a serious accident.

All is well  now....but I am going to run to Publix, and then take a nap!
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