Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brrr.....and Blah.......

I guess that another cold front has moved through, because it is quite chilly outside and supposed to stay cool for a few days.  Although I just pulled up the weather for Michigan (where we will be for Christmas this year) and HIGHS will be around 28.  Yikes.  So I guess I need to go digging through the closets for some cold weather gear.

Tim left for a trip again this morning, Clay started his semester exams today, and Paige is still plugging away at school work hoping to make a bit more progress.  I ran a few errands today, picking up the last few Christmas gifts (I hope!)....The really big news is that Clay found his retainer!  Which has been "lost" for the past three weeks.  He is a very, very happy teenage boy because I think he believed us when we told him he wasn't getting anything for Christmas but a new retainer if he hadn't found it by then!

In other news....Tim and I decided to pull the house off the market.  Two other waterfront homes comparable to ours sold recently for about two hundred thousand LESS than our asking price.  We're just not that desperate to sell the house, and so just figured we'd take it off and wait for the market to improve.  So, I get a call today from our realtor saying that he never actually pulled it off MLS and someone wants to see it Friday morning.  At 8:30 am.  *Sigh*  All right, fine, whatever.  (my reasoning was that I would have to clean the house anyway before we leave town just in case we die and someone has to come in our know.)

I always ask my kids what the best thing and worst thing about their day here are my best & worst for today:
Best:  When I was buying Clay's Christmas gift today at Target, I had a $5.00 off card that came in the when they rang up his gift, the guy gave me another $10.00 off card.  I asked him if I could use it today and I could as long as it was a separate transaction.  So I totaled that part, then he started ringing up the other things I was getting (you know, the typical Target stuff - laundry detergent, paper towels, deodorant, blah blah blah) and then something else I was buying qualified for another discount card - this one was for $15.00!!  WOO HOOOOOO!!  I felt like I won the lottery!  So, to recap - I saved a total of $30.00 at Target today.  Of course, I made the poor guy do three separate transactions.  I was like the nightmare Christmas customer.  Poor guy.
Worst:  Having to clean the house to show it again for someone who will not be interested - or will want to offer $200,000 less than we are asking.
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