Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tim and the kids went sledding yesterday afternoon while Aunt Cookie and I cooked dinner.  They had a blast - until some old man came up and told them that it "was much too dangerous" and that they needed to stop.  They were all VERY bummed, and plan to look for another good hill today!!  It snowed most of the day yesterday, so there should be good sledding.

The other photo is of the boys in the "manly" VW beetle.  With the little vase of flowers.  Hee Hee.

Also, a picture of the fabulous Aunt Cookie helping Paige with her school work.

Today is our last (hopefully, anyway) day here - we are going to try to get home tomorrow.  I can tell you that I am NOT looking forward to that.  As usual, everything is booked full and now we have the addd benefit of trying to get through security after that idiot tried to blow up the plane.  Wish us luck!

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