Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Something on my mind....

Dear Yankees,

Let's clear this little misunderstanding up.  Grits are a delicacy.  They are NOT to be eaten with milk and sugar.  That is disgusting.  Grits may be eaten with:  salt, pepper, cheese, shrimp, etc.  This is a savory dish.  They are wonderful served with bacon and eggs.  Here's what grits are NOT - oatmeal, or cream of wheat.  Please, please, PLEASE do not put milk or sugar on them.  When you are with a Southerner and do this, that is not interest you see on our face.  It is pure, unadulterated HORROR!

Boiled peanuts are another delicacy.  Try them sometime.  Here's a hint, though - if you put it in your mouth and it is crunchy, you are doing it wrong.  That crunchy part?  That is the SHELL!  Here is how you eat a boiled peanut:  Put it in your mouth and suck the yummy, warm, saltiness out.  Then, using your teeth, crack the shell and extract the peanut.  Just like you do with raw peanuts.  Discard the shell.  Unless you are an elephant, you do not eat the shell.  Jeesh, no wonder you don't like them!!
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