Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today was gray, cloudy and chilly - the high was only about 59 degrees.  Tomorrow will be even colder with a with a high in the lower 50's.   It's supposed to rain for the next few days too.  Blech!

Paige has been sick all week long - I think it is just a cold (no fever) but now she has a yucky cough.  I decided to keep her home from dance again this evening because it is going to be a long weekend with Nutcracker rehearsals and the performance on Sunday evening...I think she just needs to rest and take it easy until Saturday morning when the rehearsals start...

Clay has been feeling under the weather as well the past couple of days and now he has a sore throat and a headache.  Both kids have been making lots of hot tea!

Paige had an assignment for school to write a haiku, and I think she has gone a little crazy with it!  Some of her haikus aren't bad:

Look at the rainbow
So many pretty colors
It's nice to look at

It's raining again
I don't think it ever ends
I wish it would stop

My cat is so soft
I wish I were a kitty
I could sleep all day

They started out OK, but then I think she got a little punchy from the cold medicine...I was going to put the one about the cows....but she told me not to put the one that goes...

Look at all the cows
Cows are where we get our milk
Cows are really cool

...on the blog.  (see what I mean??)
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