Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

Since today is the 10th day of August, I thought I would list the top 10 things I love about my family.

10.  I love our family dinners.  I love cooking for my family and I love how they are always appreciative of whatever I make, and how willing they are to fend for themselves on the nights that I don't feel like cooking.  Or how willing they are to cook something!

9.  I love how the kids help out around the house.  They are very helpful and are learning to be self sufficient.  They are always willing to chip in and help out.

8.  I love how Mr. Wonderful is always eager to help around the house.  He cooks and he cleans and he drives the kids to their activities when he is home.  Tim rocks.

7.  It makes me happy that the kids, while they do text and facebook, are not addicted to it like so many other kids are these days.  I think they know that they will lose the privilege (and it IS a privilege, not a right) if they become obnoxious about it.

6.  I love that the kids (and the parents too!) would rather read a book than watch TV.

5.   I love our pets.  Sometimes I hate them too....but mostly I love them.

4.  I love watching my kids interact with each other and help each other out.  Whether it is C helping P with Math, or P helping C make his bed or clean his room, or both of them working together to give the dog a bath - I love how close they are (when they're not squabbling, of course).  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. 

3.  I love it when the kids come to us to ask questions, or to share something they have learned in church or at school.  I love hearing their opinions on what is happening in the world and getting a glimpse of what sort of people they will be in a few more years.

2.  I love the partnership that Mr. Wonderful and I have.  He "gets" me...and he still loves me!

1.  I love how affectionate everyone in this house is - we are a family of huggers, even the pets!

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