Friday, August 27, 2010

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 Last night was the Open House at the high school, where we (the parents) have a chance to go to all of the classrooms and meet the teachers and hear a bit about what they will be doing this year.  Unfortunately, they only allow us 10 minutes in each class and none of the teachers were able to finish what they needed to say before a bell rang to move us (the parents) along like a herd of cattle.  I felt like I was back in high school.  

At one point I found myself shuffling through the crowds in the hallway, trying to find the next class, walking next to my steady guy (Mr. Wonderful, of course!) completely zoned out.  A friend whom I haven't seen in a couple of years was waving at me and trying to get my attention and I was just gazing blankly into space as I shuffled my feet and trudged along looking for room 322.

I felt as though I had traveled back in time 30 a few years!

I liked all of his teachers, although to be fair I liked them all last year too.  They all put on a good show for the parents and say what we want to hear at Open House.  Whether they follow through or not remains to be seen.  Still, I think most of C's teachers seem enthusiastic and organized, and if any of them are psychotic spawns of Satan (like a certain teacher my poor child had to deal with last year!), then they must have taken their medication last night!

In other news regarding C, the kid now has his learner's permit.

He tries to play it cool and act like he isn't excited about this at all...but HE IS!

How did this happen, that I have a child old enough to learn to drive?

Last night, after cleaning all day and stirring up dust and pet hair, I decided it was a good night for me and my allergies to take a Benadryl before bed.  I reached under my extremely organized and clean bathroom sink for my travel bag (which is where most of my medications are still residing after our trip to the beach a month ago) and placed it on the counter.  I found my Benadryl and pulled it out...and a humongous freaking roach was there and it crawled on my arm!  Oh my God - IT TOUCHED ME!!!  IT TOUCHED ME!! And then it jumped off MY ARM and ran around the bathroom in a menacing manner and I SCREAMED!!  IT TOUCHED ME!!!


Mr. Wonderful jumped off the bed and came running into the bathroom as I screeched in an unbecoming manner and jumped around and generally had a hysterical hissy fit.  P (with Lucy at her heels) came running at the sound of my screaming...

Only P was truly sympathetic to the horror I had just experienced.

Mr. Wonderful was a bit...well, he...kind of...LAUGHED AT ME.
He said that I may have overreacted at bit.
After all, it was "only a bug."

Only a bug.





Mr. Wonderful did save the day in spite of his less than sympathetic response to my crisis.  He got the can of Raid and attacked that hideous monstrosity.

The monstrosity is dead.

I am sharing this story with you to remind all of you who live in cooler climates without hideous man-eating roaches, that there is a price to pay for living in Florida.  We have hurricanes.  And Roaches.

Oh sure, it doesn't snow here...and we have this gorgeous view...and winters here are great compared to what ya'll have to deal with.  But we have roaches. It doesn't matter how clean your house is, or how often the bug service comes to spray - roaches will find a way into your house.

You may not have picked up on this, but I HATE ROACHES!  They freak me out.

And one touched me!

I hope I have managed to convey to you the absolute horror of last night.  Because it was more than a BUG.  It was my worst nightmare.  

I survived it.

And now I wonder, if surviving this horrific event will make me react less hysterically the next time I see one of these nasty creatures.  Hmmm....

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