Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cat fashion shows, dog balls, and self portraits

Here's what happens when you have two slightly bored kids, a bin full of old Build-A-Bear clothes, and two docile kitties (aka "the models")...
Gus tries on a pair of shoes
He's not quite sure if they're his size.  Or style.
"Is red my color?"

"How about this little frock?"
"I think it's a bit tight...let me try something else..."
"Ugh!  Not denim - much too casual!"
"Pink!  I think this one is just right!"

As I went browsing through P's camera, I discovered all sorts of fun little photos to share with you!
I don't have any idea what this is from - but I like it!
Christmas, Michigan, 2009
Aw!  How stinking cute is that?
Lucy loves her balls!

Wait...that didn't sound quite right, did it?

Jack loves Lucy's balls too!

Wait!  Again...that didn't sound right, did it?
Silly girl!
Hmmm....playing around with the settings on the camera, P?
Apparently, P enjoys playing around with her camera and taking self-portraits.

Hee Hee.

Won't she be in for a surprise when she reads the blog today?

Well I don't know about you, but I certainly enjoyed that little glimpse into Paige's world via her camera.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll take a peek at C's camera!  

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