Friday, August 20, 2010

Wallowing in the Birthday Love

Today is my birthday.  I'll be honest - I started the day out feeling a little sniffly and teary-eyed.  For some reason, this birthday bothered me a bit.  Probably because I am now much closer to 50 than to 40!!  Which, frankly, disturbs me greatly.  I'm much too young to be this old!

But I, being the bright eyed optimist that you all know me to be, just put a smile on my face and got past it.

Are you laughing??


OK, then - I had myself a little cry this morning and spent a while feeling sorry for myself and then I put the smile on my face and got past it.  Happy, now?

Anyway...I had a wonderful day.  Mr. Wonderful and I went to lunch at PF Chang's (lettuce wraps - yum!), and browsed in a couple of stores.  While we were gone the kids cleaned the house and....

Well, I had a few little surprises waiting for me when we got home.  There was a trail of notes (courtesy of C) starting at the door...

When I arrived in the bedroom, there were little notes everywhere...

(Don't judge the mess!  It's my birthday.  The birthday rules clearly state that I DO NOT have to clean on my birthday!)

And then there was the card from P...

For the full effect, please click on the photo so that you can read her poem.

(Did you read it?  If you did, I'll bet you are laughing now!)

And now I get to eat CAKE FOR DINNER!!


Plus, they think I am only 30!

This has been the best birthday ever.

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