Sunday, August 22, 2010

Full steam ahead

I didn't blog yesterday, because I was busy playing with my new toys.

I have been wanting one of these for a while now...
Because we have hairy pets who shed.  A lot.  And we have tile floors.  I mentioned this in passing to my mother months ago, and she got me one for my birthday.  And?  It is awesome!

I have been steaming my way through the house, and I cannot convey the utter satisfaction I get from walking on my beautiful, squeaky clean floors.

THEN my wonderful, fabulous mother gave me an early Christmas present of something else that I have been wanting/needing for a while now...

A new camera!


This is the new Sony Alpha - which, apparently, is the lightest weight DSLR camera available right now.  

My previous camera was just a point and shoot, fully automatic camera - so I have some lessons to learn about how to work this adequately, what aperture and shutter speed, etc. work best in different situations.  And I think I will need/want a zoom lens soon (Christmas, Tim??) but so far I love this camera!  Thank goodness there is also a fully automatic setting for novices like me.

The official, very first photo taken with the new camera.

Trying different settings...

Trying to see which works best...

...and getting very confused!

Why I think I will be needing a bigger zoom lens quite soon!

One nice thing about taking 500 billion photos with a new camera is that soon the paparazzi-shy family don't even notice you taking photos of them!

In other news, Gus had a bath today.
This is before.

This is the very unhappy Gus after.

VERY unhappy.

But notice how beautiful and clean my tile floors look!

Hopefully, the quality of my photos will improve as I figure out what I am doing!

(PS...Thanks, Mom!! XOXO)

(PSS...Any of you who have one of these cameras and know what you are doing and have some helpful hints to impart....please, please share them!!)

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