Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bad news, Good news...

Bad news:  School starts tomorrow, and we still haven't sold our house!
Good news:  At least we have been able to enjoy the summer here.

Good news:  There was a showing on the house today.
Bad News:  They only gave me an hour's notice!

Good news:  The people who looked at the house today really liked it.
Bad news:  The stupid people who looked at our house today and liked it still have to sell their house...and it isn't even on the market yet!

Bad news:  I made myself all frazzled and crazy today trying to get the house clean in an hour and get all the stuff from my run to Costco put away!
Good news:  At least the house is really clean.  Plus we have lots of food.

Bad news:  School starts tomorrow and I have to wake up really, really early to take C to school!
Good news:  Hmmm.....

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