Sunday, August 8, 2010

Murphy strikes again

Yesterday was fun.  Let me set the stage...P and I slept late, and had a lazy morning as we half-heartedly started unpacking the suitcases and doing laundry and putting things away.  While the house was basically clean, there were suitcases and piles of laundry and other miscellaneous things all over the house.

I also for some reason decided to tackle the horrific mess that inhabits the pie safe.  We have an old pie safe between the kitchen and eating area which is the home to all of my cookbooks.  Unfortunately, it also becomes a catchall for whatever miscellaneous junk is floating around the kitchen when someone comes to look at the house.  So yesterday I decided to clean it out.  This means that in addition to the messiness of unpacking (and not quite finishing it), I had little piles of...stuff...drifting around as I attempted to organize the pie safe.

I was looking forward to a lazy, quiet, productive afternoon...
The pie safe, aka the hiding place

In the midst of all this chaos the phone rang.

It was our realtor.

Someone wanted to see the house.

In 30 minutes!!


After a couple of minutes of complete shock and dismay, we started hustling.  We scurried, and stuffed, and hid stuff.  The suitcases were thrown back into the car. Ahem.  Along with some other junk stuff.  The pie safe, once again, became filled to the brim with anything I could shove into it. I wiped and swiffered and swept.  I also sweated and cursed.  But we successfully hid all signs of the chaos that had, just a few moments before, reigned supreme in our house.
All that work.
All that effort.

The (stupid) people, if they make an offer, will make a very, very, very low offer.  Because they "will have to gut the house, replace all the flooring, completely re-do the kitchen, etc. etc." 

Blah, blah, blah.


By the way, have I mentioned lately how much I absolutely HATE trying to sell our house?  Plus, it never fails - if my house is clean, nothing.  But as soon as it gets good and messy the phone will ring.  Although usually I get a bit more than 30 minutes notice!!

The good news however, is that yesterday afternoon I DID get the pie safe cleaned out, as well as the junk drawer in the kitchen.  Yay me.

Also, C gets home from camp today.  I can't believe how much I miss that messy, sloppy teenage boy when he is not around!

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