Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clay's World

As promised, I ventured into the unknown world of my son's is what I found...
Some surprisingly beautiful pictures...
...and some that were just downright surprising!
Like a frog (toad?) on his desk.

I love this one!
This one?  Not so much.
What IS that?

Again, Ick!
Last year during the air show...
(over our dock)
A shuttle launch... this one too...especially how you can see the big blob of eagle poop!
Hmmm....not really sure why he took a photo of the invasion of blind mosquitos.
Once a year they invade waterfront properties.
Pretty rainbow!
And THIS would be a photo (aka evidence) of one of the kitties locked inside the birdcage.
And this one would be evidence that he lets turtles walk around on my nice tile floors when I'm not home!!
More evidence of the turtles contaminating my tile floors.
I wonder why I suddenly have the urge to go dump a bunch of clorox on my floors?
A manatee...
His turtle.  Again.
(But at least he's in the tank in this this one!)
And again.

So not TOO scary.
Not too surprising either.
Lots of critters, and airplanes, and more critters.

That's my boy!

And now, I think I'll go mop the floors.
With bleach.

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