Saturday, August 7, 2010

The birds and the trees

Next to the pool at my mother-in-law's condo is a tree, right by the edge of the bay.  Birds frequently alight on it, but I have never seen them fight over it!  The first day we were there an egret landed on the tree and quietly surveyed the bay looking for lunch.

Shortly afterwards I heard a lot of flapping and screeching and osprey wanted to settle where the egret was and they were bickering over it.  The egret wouldn't move and so eventually, after a lot of fussing and avian drama, the osprey found another perch.

The two birds shared the tree calmly and peacefully for a while...until a heron decided he wanted to sit in the tree too.  You wouldn't believe the racket that three very large birds can make when they are squabbling over a perch in a tree.  Or maybe you would.  The shrill, strident voices, the flapping and carrying on...Honestly, my kids sound just like that at times!

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