Friday, December 31, 2010

The one about wild partying, fuzzy socks, and becoming Dutch by osmosis...

Yesterday I was so involved with telling you all about my inner Mommie Dearest (aka my evil twin) and her unorthodox methods for achieving a clean house when living with teenagers, that I forgot to tell you about the most exciting part of my day.  And, yes, I do realize how pathetic and sad it is that THIS was the most exciting part of my day.  I need a hobby.

Anyway, the exciting thing was that I went to Big Lots.

I love Big Lots, but for some reason I forget about it and don't go there very often. Yesterday my mom told me about some things she recently bought there, and so I decided to go check it out. 

My kids (and ok, I admit it, me too...) are addicted to these things...
And LOOK how cheap they were! $3.50! For the large box!

But that's not all....then we found these crocs - for $10!
This black pair is for me, and I bought a pink pair for The Princess...

I found these earbuds for $5!  

And my favorite fuzzy socks for $3.00!

I bought two pairs.

Truly, I was thrilled with my bargains.  Also, I found these really nifty little folding reading glasses for Mr. Wonderful and an ipod skin for The Princess and I bought paper plates and shampoo and all sort of other fabulous bargains which I can't remember.

Do you think I have been married to a Dutch guy (even worse, a Dutch PILOT) for too long?  I am a bit concerned about my cheap-fest of happiness over finding these bargains.  I wonder if I have become just a tiny bit Dutch by osmosis...


I thought I'd also tell you about our exciting plans for New Year's Eve.  Here is what didn't come in the mail for us:
Which means that we will NOT be doing this tonight...

But don't feel too badly for us.  I'm actually rather glad.  We will probably have family movie night, and then we will watch these fellows on TV...

and we will watch the ball drop in Times Square while wearing our pajamas (and  fuzzy socks) and then we will head off to bed, where we will spend the next few hours listening to the crazy neighbors shooting off fireworks and listening to them fall on our roof and hoping the roof doesn't catch on fire.

Good times, I tell you.

No really, I like it this way.  The family is doing something together.  We don't have to worry about drunk drivers.  We're all comfy in our pj's.  We don't over-indulge so we feel great the next morning.  The kids love it.  I buy them sparkling grape juice and they pick out lots of frozen appetizers to munch on all night long.  They call it our family party.

It's a nice, warm pair of fuzzy socks.

Happy New Year!

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