Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Weekend Update

Another weekend has flown by and we are another week closer to the end of the school year. I am really looking forward to summer vacation! 

I woke up early Saturday morning and was extremely annoyed with myself for not being able to sleep any later than 6:45. 
I enjoyed the hazy, muted sunrise while reading the paper and sipping my coffee and then we got to work cleaning the house and the yard for a showing that afternoon.

The Boy mowed the lawn and took care of the outside, while The Princess and I took care of the inside.

After cleaning and trying to erase all signs that a pack of slovenly wolves resided in our home , I took The Boy to his grandmother's house on a (ahem) work release program while The princess and I did the trek to the ballet studio for a rehearsal. Afterwards, my wonderful, fabulous, generous mother treated us to a delicious dinner out!

We oohed and aahed over the beautiful sunset on the drive home...

And then we came home and saw the full moon playing peek-a-boo with the clouds. It was beautiful!

Since the kids had traded church acolyte schedules, I declared Sunday a day off. We played hooky from church. 

We didn't clean.

We relaxed.

It was wonderful.

Except for when The Boy found this critter inside my house! Living in Florida, I'm used to lizards. I even think the little anoles are kinda cute.

But skinks? Umm, not so much.
And DEFINITELY not in my house!

I realize that the bottom photo is blurry. I apologize. I was backing away in horror while simultaneously trying to use the telephoto and The Boy was walking toward me and I was screeching calming asking him to "STAY AWAY WITH THAT NASTY THING!" and hence the ugly skink looks blurry.


After the skink was safely released far, far away from the house I settled down with my book by the pool. I glanced around and realized that I really should pull the weeds that were taking over one of the plants in the corner.

But even though they were weeds, they had pretty little flowers and I just couldn't do it. Plus I was feeling extremely lazy and didn't want to interrupt my zen moment.

The Boy sent out invitations to another one of his little bonfire/noshing/teenage-socializing shindigs. On Facebook, of course.

That was our weekend - not very exciting, but extremely satisfying.

Finally, I have to mention how absolutely overwhelmed I was by the response to Friday's post about mean girls. Thank you all for the incredible support. Honestly though, I must admit to being a bit disheartened by how many of you are dealing with mean girls also. It's such a shame that our daughters (and us too!) have to deal with mean, petty, shallow, vindictive, clique-y girls.

The Princess is actually handling the situation pretty well. It hurts her feelings, of course, but she understands that it really isn't about her as much as it is about the mean girls feeling insecure. The Princess is doing fine. But mama bear is feeling very protective and vigilant!

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