Saturday, April 30, 2011

An ordinary, wonderful day

Today was sunny and balmy and beautiful.
The flowers were blooming...

and the birds were out in abundance.
The Boy's...friend...came over.

The tube was inflated...

Pictures were taken. Some were happily posed for...more or less...

And some were surreptitiously taken.

The Boy and The Princess decided that it would be a good idea to take Jack for a ride on the raft.

Jack didn't like the raft. Jack REALLY didn't like the pool.

Jack was an angry, wet cat.

Poor Jack.

The Princess informed me that she wanted to be a hair model because she was really good at swinging her hair around. She told me that she could even do it with wet hair. Then she demonstrated.

The Boy was amused.
We went for a boat ride...

The kids had fun in the tube...

And they went skiing...

It was just an ordinary, wonderful day.

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