Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten things on Tuesday: Weekend Update

1. We have huge thunderstorms moving through the area this morning. I am so thankful that The Princess's dental appointment was yesterday and not today and that I don't have to drive anywhere until later this afternoon when, hopefully, the storms will be gone.

2. The Princess and I had a girl's night Friday evening. We watched Tangled and it was such a cute movie. We had fun. We giggled. We bonded.

3. The Princess had a friend over Saturday evening and Sunday. They watched movies and talked to friends on skype and made brownies. They also decided to go swimming.
They discovered that the water was a bit chillier than they had anticipated. There was a lot of shrieking and squealing when they jumped into the rather brisk and refreshing pool!

4. I made coq au vin for dinner for Saturday night. I had never made this dish before and it turned out great. 

5. I was very glad I made a lot because The Boy returned home from his weekend retreat and was starving. He acted like he hadn't eaten all weekend and practically inhaled the leftovers.

6. We had a two week break from the usual hustle and bustle of driving The Princess to her ballet classes downtown (4 days per week) due to our spring break, followed by the neighboring county's spring break when the ballet studio was closed. Everything started back up yesterday though, and I'm still adjusting to the pace!

7. I thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of sleeping late during spring break. I delighted in the slow, unhurried, mellow days...and now I can't wait for this last quarter of school to end so we can enjoy summer vacation. 

8. I'm still trying to figure out our (and by "our" I mean the kids!) schedules for camp, dance intensives, driving school, etc. for the summer. I'm hoping that we will have lots of days to relax by the pool or go to the beach or go out in the boat. I want to limit the amount of driving here or there and increase the amount of down time. I want to RELAX!

9. I am having trouble finding ten things to say today, so I will share something utterly fascinating with you. Are you ready? The Boy has been reading Hamlet (for school) and Flowers for Algernon (for himself) and The Princess has been reading The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman (for school) and The Kite Runner (for herself.) I am currently between books and am looking for something to read. Any suggestions?

10. It's dark and gloomy, the rain is thundering on the roof hypnotically, and my eyes are drooping. I wonder if it would be terribly lazy for me to take a quick little nap...even though the house is a mess and I still have piles of laundry from The Boy's weekend retreat and the dishwasher needs to be emptied and the dust bunnies are reproducing like, well...bunnies....

What do you think? Too lazy? Should I ....just have another cup of....


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