Thursday, April 14, 2011

C'est la vie!

I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off for the past couple of days. Since I'm sure all 17 of you who read this blog regularly have been DYING to know what I've been doing and what has been going on around here...I took the liberty of carrying my camera around and documenting life at the Casa VK, which absolutely thrilled my family to no end. They so love to be photographed by paparazzi.

The kids have been doing their chores...
and their schoolwork...

while I have been cooking and folding laundry and cleaning up pet hair and running errands and pulling weeds and making phone calls and trying to figure out schedules and other thrillingly exciting things like that.

The Princess and I went for a walk...

and then Lucy took a little nap.

The weather has been so nice that we've had all the doors and windows open. Jack and Gus have been fascinated by everything going on outside. They have especially enjoyed watching the lizards.

While Buddy has been absolutely ecstatic about being outside again and has been wolf whistling and talking up a storm.
("Hello Buddy! Pretty Bird! Kiss Kiss! Hello Buddy!")

The Princess has had ballet and flexibility classes every day.

These classes are always on the other side of town, requiring the most wonderful and generous mother of all time (that would be moi) to drive The Princess 30-45 minutes, wait for her to finish, and then drive another 30-45 minutes in rush hour traffic to get home.

Our realtor came out this morning to take more photos and videos of the house. I cleaned and cleaned.

Oh, wait...I meant to say that it's a good thing my house ALWAYS looks like this!

Yeah, that's it. It always looks like this. We NEVER have piles of schoolwork on the table or dirty socks under the couch or tumbleweeds of pet hair rolling across the floors.

Even The Boy's room was clean!

Believe it or not, The Boy actually left it like this. All I had to do this morning was a bit of vaccuming.

Truly, it's a miracle!

Our realtor came and spent a bazillion hours or so videotaping and photographing and then doing it over again before he was finally satisfied.

Mr. Wonderful and I then went to Costco so that we could keep our bottomless pit teenage son fed. I was super-duper, fabulously happy to see that this book was out!

Margaret George is one of my favorite authors.

I have been waiting and waiting for this book to be released.


And then...we came home with our huge load of food, which could conceivably feed an army or a few months but will probably only keep The Boy fed for a few days, and we walked into a clean, fresh smelling house.

Hooray again!

And now we are going to go outside and spread mothballs all around the yard. Our realtor told us that the people who looked at our house last weekend were walking out the front door and saw a snake slithering across our front steps.


I'm kind of assuming we won't be getting an offer from them.

Cest la vie.

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