Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last 10:30 pm...after hearing the sounds of a cupboards opening, cutlery rattling, cereal being poured and a deep, heartfelt sigh, my son huffed in an aggrieved manner, "THIS is why I'm always so tired! I try to go to bed early but I always wake up STARVING!"

It's hard being a teenaged boy, you know?


The Princess is taking French for the first time this year. The Boy is in his third year of French. We made a deal with The Boy - if he tutored his sister and helped her with French, we would give him $10 for every "A" she got on a test. Thus far this year, she has gotten all A's. 

The other day we received her score for her last test. The Princess eagerly opened the envelope and her face fell in dismay. "B+?", she said sadly and then immediately whirled around and pointed a finger at her brother, "No money for YOU!!" she announced disdainfully.


Our realtor came out a couple of weeks ago to make a video of our house to put online. I saw it yesterday and was quite amused the hear Buddy the bird wolf-whistling enthusiastically as our realtor walked out to the dock.

I love that bird.

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