Friday, April 22, 2011

Teenage Wasteland?

Last night The Boy had some friends over to hang out. We decided to let our little guest cottage, which sits empty most of the time and isn't used at all, be our version of a basement for the teen get-togethers. The Boy was quite happy about it, and we were quite serene about the possibility of any shenanigans. For one thing, his group of friends are all great kids and I trust them. They've been over here many times and I've either known them and their families since they were toddlers or have gotten to know them well since they began hanging out here and friending me on facebook! For another thing, The Princess and her friend were here. Little sisters = little spies. It works for us!
The Boy's friend "B" came over early, with her entourage, to help get things set up. "B" is gorgeous and funny, plus she really likes it when I say nice things about her on this blog!

His friend "K" from camp drove all the way out here from St. Augustine, which made him very, very happy.

Even though they had the teenage retreat at their disposal, they kept appearing back in the house. I'm sure it is because Mr. Wonderful and I and my friend "Mrs. S" are so cool and witty and entertaining. Yeah, that must be it.

Or maybe it was the food.

Two of The Boy's friends from his old school, whom he hasn't seen in a very long time, stopped by. It was great to seem them too. His friend "S" explained her very unique method of eating/devouring watermelon. I was enthralled...and I think she needs to come hang out over here one day and demonstrate!

The Boy built a fire in the fire pit and they all sat around the fire talking.

It was 90 degrees yesterday.

Huh, teenagers. Who can make sense of them?

I tried not to get his adorable and funny friend "L" in any pictures, because she doesn't like to be photographed, but I accidentally slipped her into one. Oops. Sorry, "L"!

There's one other thing about The Boy's get-togethers. Do you notice any thing...unusual?

For some reason, his gatherings always seem to be about 75-80% girls. He, and the few guy friends he deems worthy, love this. The girls? I have no idea. But they do keep coming back.

Again, I'm sure it must be the witty and incomparable adults.

Yeah, I'm sure that's it!

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