Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yo Ho, Yo Ho...

I just realized that I haven't mentioned that the studio where The Princess takes ballet, the studio which is downtown and a 45 minute drive each way, was having some emergency roofing work done. Apparently, it was a big mess and debris was falling everywhere. The powers that be thought it was dangerous and so class has been cancelled for the past several days.


We took this new-found freedom and ran with it. The Boy had his friends over Thursday night and yesterday we all slept late and lazed around the pool most of the day.
It was HOT yesterday - in the lower 90's.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 raced...
And then The Princess decided to relax a bit...
She was lounging peacefully when...

a terrible, mean, aggravating pirate boarded her raft....

and tossed her overboard!

Princess Pouty Face was not pleased.

The mean ol' pirate then tried to do his "I'm the king of the world" impersonation...

Which didn't actually work out that well for him.

But it did make The Princess stop pouting and giggle. A lot.

The Boy gave up his pirating ways and retired to the dock for a bit of fishing.

It was too hot to cook, so we had a humongous salad and little Na'an pizzas which I found at Costco.
They were rather good!

Then Mr. Wonderful and the kids watched The Social Network and I read my book and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

It was a fabulously mellow and wonderful day. 

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