Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Princess Twinkle Toes

Last week The Princess and I needed to turn in some paperwork to her new school. After missing my exit and getting all turned around and then getting stuck in construction traffic, we finally made it over there to turn in the papers. I certainly hope I get better at finding my way to the school by next year!

The Princess also needed new ballet slippers, so we moseyed off to buy them. After that, we decided to treat ourselves and have a girl's lunch. It was a lot of fun and I heard all about the other kids at dance and about friends from her old school. She told me about things that make her laugh (silly jokes) and things that make her sad (mean girls). 

We sipped our iced tea and we talked and laughed and giggled.

We shared a bowl of the best crab soup in town.
After lunch, we browsed through Barnes and Noble and Target and we saw the Google Maps Street View car - which thrilled The Princess to no end!
We had a lovely day, my daughter and I.

Princess Twinkle Toes is turning into an amazing young woman.
She is beautiful and kind, graceful and silly...

She is modest and lovely, strong and feminine, smart and amazing...

She is my sunshine. I love spending time with her and seeing my sweet little girl turning into such an amazing young woman.

I love you, Princess!

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