Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

Yesterday was a day off from school for The Boy. You see, it's county fair time. That's right, they gave the kids a day off from school so they could go to the fair. (You can't see me, obviously, but I am shaking my head in bafflement right now.)
We didn't go the the fair. I'm not much of a fair kind of a gal. Instead, we slept late and had a mellow, relaxing, wonderful day.

The Boy fished all day.

He caught a big alligator gar...

He had to jump down into the water so he could get it up on the dock without breaking his line..

It's a good thing it was low tide...

He grabbed it carefully, keeping a close eye on those sharp teeth...

And he tossed it onto the dock...

Then he tossed it back into the lake.

We didn't have fresh fish for dinner last night.

I weeded my herb garden and enjoyed the cute little flower pinwheels I found at Target last week...

And the little birdhouses (lizard houses?).

Don't you just love the dollar section at Target?

We had planned on going out on the boat for the first time this year. 
However, the boat lift didn't work, so we couldn't get the boat in the water.

An electrician came out and fixed it ($$$).

In the meantime, the kids decided to brave the chilly water of the pool.

One of the kids gasped slightly in shock...

And one of them squealed like a little pig and carried on in a very dramatic way.

I won't name any names...but....a picture is worth a thousand words, isn't it?

The Princess found some bubbles and had fun with them...

 I noticed Jack sitting like this in a chair and mentioned that he looked like a Kliban cat with his rotund body and his tiny little head. 
 The kids had no idea what I was talking about so I showed them some images of a Kliban cat.

What do you think?

And then I noticed this fellow outside...
I was very thankful for my zoom lens!

We had a lovely dinner of grilled scallops and pasta and then we watched Little Fockers and laughed until our tummies hurt.

It was a good day.

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