Friday, July 8, 2011

The campers are home...and I'm afraid to step into the laundry room

The campers are home!

I can tell they're home because there is a mountain of dirty clothes waiting for my attention.

I'm not's a mountain. I'm a bit afraid to walk into the laundry room and get started.

OK, OK...the truth is that I just DON'T WANT to go get started on it. It's intimidating. It's a big, huge, mean looking pile of laundry.

I'm scared.

I can also tell that the kids are home because there are various piles of things scattered everywhere. Such as shoes in the middle of the floor...just as a random example.

The shoes and various other miscellaneous assortment of kid stuff scattered throughout the house will remain there until my "the kids are home" happiness high dissipates a bit and I begin nagging them 3,479 times to put their stuff away.

Which may or may not work.

The kids regaled me with tales from camp until they ran out of steam and staggered into their beds.

Lucy is so happy her kids are home.

She has been right by their sides since they got home and her tail has NOT stopped wagging.

If I had a tail, mine would be wagging too.

Because I have the scary pile of laundry waiting for me...

and because no one else is going to tackle that big, scary pile of laundry but me...

I'll leave you with some pictures of their experiences at camp.

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