Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Catching up

The girls and I snuck away for a few days at the beach. It was wonderful and relaxing - I couldn't find a wifi connection and so couldn't get on my laptop. There were no pets, no telephones ringing, no television (well, there WAS a TV, but we never even turned it on!), no responsibilities.  It was fantastic!

We walked...

and the girls built a sandcastle...

and we saw dolphins...

The surf temperature was 89 degrees. The water felt like bathwater.

Maria wanted to go shopping, so we went to the mall. The girls tried on hats and silly sunglasses and cracked themselves up.

We had a wonderful few days...but it's great to be home!

The Boy is home from camp and this time he will STAY home for the rest of the summer. I missed him like crazy.

Our idyll in paradise was nice but there's no place like home!

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