Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sugar and spice and everything nice...unless it's a disgusting hair day.

I have several friends who have sons but no daughters. Once, many years ago, a friend with two sons was visiting. She saw The Princess playing with her Barbie dolls and commented wistfully that she never got to play with Barbies because she didn't have a daughter. As my friend was leaving, The 5 year old Princess came out and solemnly handed my friend a Barbie doll. She said, "Every girl should have a Barbie."

Having a daughter is's playing Barbies and braiding hair and painting nails. It's giggling together and watching the Miss America pageant and bonding over chocolate.

I love my son too...but boys are just different.
Boys love slimy, stinky creatures.

The smellier and slimier the better.

And boys can turn ANYTHING into a gun.



My son has never, ever, EVER jumped into the lake to go skiing and exclaimed, "Mom, DON'T take my picture! My hair is DISGUSTING today!!"

Oh yeah, that's definitely a girl thing.

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