Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've been hibernating

I haven't blogged lately because...well, truthfully, because I've been lazy. I've been completely lazy and self-indulgent the past few days.

It's been absolutely wonderful.

The kids are at camp. Mr. Wonderful was visiting his mother. I was completely and blissfully ALL ALONE.

Because this never happens, I ran with it. I hibernated in the house. I had a pajama day. I didn't turn on the television at all. It was peaceful and silent and perfectly wonderful.

I'd have little bursts of energy where I'd sweep the floors (which miraculously STAYED clean!) or wash the sheets or water the plants. Then I would look around at my still clean house and shrug my shoulders and go back to reading or playing games on facebook. I even indulged in what seems to me to be the most self indulgent activity of all - Pinterest. If you don't know what Pinterest is, it's like a virtual bulletin board where you can "pin" things you like. That's why I say it is the ultimate in self's all about me. Stuff I like. Stuff I'd like to have. Sayings that I think are funny. Things I think are pretty. All me, all the time. 

I also took advantage of the opportunity to browse through a couple  of my favorite sites in search of free (or nearly free) e-books, which I loaded onto my Kindle. And then I loaded my Kindle into a plastic bag and loaded myself onto a float in the pool...and I floated and relaxed and enjoyed reading a book without being interrupted.

I ate salads and frozen weight watchers meals - I didn't cook at all. I hung sheets on the clothesline. They're still there...two days later...whoops! I threw the ball for Lucy. I fed Jack. I went to buy coffee and plants to put by the front door. I read the paper. I painted my nails. I took a bubble bath. 

I am so relaxed.

I am so relaxed that...I think...I might be a teeny tiny bit bored.

It's really, really quiet...I can't believe I am saying this but - I miss those noisy, crazy kids. I can't wait for them to come home.

I can't wait to be entertained by their antics. I can't wait to tell The Boy to pull up his pants and to tell The Princess to stand up straight. I can't wait to tell them to pick up their towels and put their cereal bowls in the dishwasher and to stop bickering.

I can't wait to hug them and then hug them again and tell them how much I missed them.

I can't wait. Because, frankly, I've discovered that I am pretty boring.

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