Friday, July 1, 2011

Hotdogs and Ferraris..Yee Haw!

I spent the morning running errands and bonding with The Boy. Don't get me wrong - I'm well aware that the only reason he consented to run errands with me was because he wanted me to run him over to his friend Maddie's house to pick up his cell phone, which he had left in her car yesterday. 

But that's OK! I'll take it!

We had a fun morning anyway. We hurried to Costco, where we picked up supplies (chips, water bottles, gum) for him and stocked up on other things for the rest of the family (food, milk, etc.). And then, being the epitome of fabulosity that I am, I splurged and took him out to lunch (The $1.50 hotdog special at Costco) which made The Boy very happy, indeed.

After that, we loaded up the car and hit the road. And THAT is when the day began to get really, really good for The Boy.

We saw THIS...

The Boy was speechless...his mouth gaped open and he began to breathe very fast while gesturing frantically toward the vehicle in front of us.

"Oh, that's cute", I said..."What is it?"

"Cute?" He gaped at me in astonishment. "Mom...that's a Ferrari!"

"That is sick and nasty," The Boy said reverently.

"It's bad?", I asked him... I was getting a bit confused.

"NO! Oh. My. Gaw. That is my DREAM CAR!"

You know, honestly, it was cute and all, but it was kind of in my way. So I passed it.

That's right. You heard me.

My 2010 Honda Insight, which the menfolk in my family derisively refer to as the anteater, PASSED A FLIPPING FERRARI!

"Hey C...I just passed a Ferrari. Pretty cool, huh?"

"Mom, please. It's an OLD GUY driving it. I don't think that counts. He's probably an old oil tycoon or something."

"Or an old drug dealer", I huffed (in annoyance because my AMAZING little hybrid was not getting the respect it deserved!)

My son's dream car got off on the same exit as us and then passed us as we got into the turn lane for Target. 

I doubt he could have overtaken the Incredible Insight otherwise.

The Boy continued snapping pictures in awe as the old drug dealer/oil tycoon sloooowlllyyy crept past the astonishing and phenomenal little hybrid.

The Boy sighed.

And then The Boy and I giggled over the vehicle in front of us.

The Cube.

Do you think someone got a bonus for naming that thing?

(If you have a Cube, I apologize. But, you know, it IS kind of funny looking. And the name IS kind of ridiculous. No offense.)

But that's not all!

The day of wonder wasn't over for The Boy. As I pulled into the parking lot at Target, we saw this...

The Boy had an awesome day eating hotdogs and ogling a Ferrari and a Porsche.

And so did I. It's not everyday that a girl and her little hybrid get to pass a Ferrari, you know!

The sleek and awe inspiring Insight.

There IS no substitute.

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