Friday, July 1, 2011

Today will be filled with laundry, junk food and hugs...

Guess what?

The Boy is home from camp today.

He arrived with more dirty laundry...and a big hug for his mom.

His previously clean room now looks like this.

I'm so happy that he's home that I don't even care. I have all next week to clean it again.

My family will all be together today.

In between doing the massive loads of laundry generated by The Boy, I will be finishing up the packing for The Princess. 

She goes to camp tomorrow. The Boy will be working as an LIT (leader in training) while she is there. He has also been invited to work (as in get paid!) as a counselor the week after that. He is very happy and Mr. Wonderful and I are very proud of him. Most of the counselors are in college. This is a wonderful opportunity for him.

I'm going to miss him though!

I "borrowed" some photos from camp from his facebook wall.

I know that he showed good judgement (he wore his seatbelt!)

Although, perhaps not such great table manners!

Honey! Remember...bring the food to your mouth, not your mouth to the food!

I'm going to spend the day today hugging my babies and doing laundry and stocking up on junk food at Costco so that I can send the kids a care package while they're at camp. And then I'll hug them some more.

I have to stock up on those hugs too. 

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