Thursday, July 21, 2011

SKREECK SKREECK Just call me Seinfeld

I didn't sleep well last night. Our bed apparently needs some WD-40. It has started making creaking and squeaking sounds whenever anyone moves. So everytime I rolled over it went, "SKREECK" and everytime Mr. Wonderful rolled over it went, "SKREECK" and it was extremely annoying and kept waking me up and then I would lie in bed trying to get back to sleep whilst pondering strange things.

I'm telling you this to explain why today's post may appear a bit disjointed and random. 

Here are some of the things I have been pondering...

I wonder why old people love Costco so much. There are always tons of old people at Costco stocking up...REALLY stocking up. I mean, I was there yesterday buying for two adults and three teenagers and they still bought WAY more than I did. What do they do with all that stuff? How can two old people possibly use 20 cans of corn and jumbo boxes of cereal? Maybe they go once a year and buy all their food and toiletries for the year? It just always puzzles me everytime I go to Costco and 80% of the customers in the store are in their 70's and 80's - many of them riding around in the little electric carts and stopping in front of the free food samples, blocking the aisles. 

Yesterday we took Maria to our local fish camp to try alligator tail. We had a really cute little college aged server. When she brought the gator tail out we had a brief conversation with her. We mentioned that Maria was from Spain and had never had gator tail before. She replied, "Oh that gator's rilly good!" We said that she had told us she had tasted gator pate before, whereupon our cute little southern server looked puzzled and said, "What's pottay?" I tried to explain what pate was but she just looked more and more confused. Finally Mr. Wonderful said, "It's kind of like peanut butter but with gator instead of peanuts." Her face cleared instantly and she said, "OH! Cool!"

Sometimes I worry about the future of this country.

Last night I kept giggling at the thought of her being at a fancy party someday and being offered pate. She'll try some, expecting something like peanut butter and...hee hee. I'm sorry. That just makes me giggle.

By the way, Maria liked the gator tail. She said it tasted like chicken.

In between the SKREECKS all night long, I also thought about that teenage boy who killed his parents with a hammer and then had a party and SKREECK my friend L who is on her way to Maryland with her family but has been dealing with a psycho/weird/menopausal wicked stepmother who has been trying to  start a fight with her on facebook and really stressing her out and SKREECK what makes some people remain friends while others just move on and SKREECK why I keep reading articles about how Americans don't want McMansions any more and are downsizing yet every single person who looks at our house says it's just not big enough and SKREECK if the morons in Washington will ever figure out what to do about our economy and the debt (and hello! The housing market??!!!) and SKREECK what should I make for dinner tonight and SKREECK......

Yeah, I'm exhausted. I need more coffee.

And if you actually read this strange, disjointed post about absolutely nothing and are still probably need more coffee by now as well!

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