Sunday, December 12, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Right? Hello?

I haven't blogged in a while, so I'll try to cover the highlights of the past few days...

*  I had a migraine every single day last week.  Five days straight.  I'd take my migraine medicine...the migraine would go away...I'd feel like I had been run over by a truck for a few hours...the migraine would come back about 12 hours later...and I'd repeat the cycle all over again.

*  This is why I haven't posted since Wednesday.  My brain was otherwise occupied.

*  By Friday, I was thoroughly, completely, intensely, and positively sick of migraines, and Imitrex.  

*  An old friend from high school stopped by the house for a couple of hours on Friday and I had a wonderful evening reminiscing with her!  I served her crunchy, crispy enchiladas (which clearly had sat in the oven warming for a bit too long) and she was a good sport and ate them and pretended that they weren't as awful as they were!  We laughed and gossiped and caught up on each other's lives. (Tam, I really can cook - I promise!  I'll prove it next time you come visit!)

*  The power of friendship and laughter (or maybe it was the crispy, crackling enchiladas?) must have magically healed my migraine, because I have been headache-free since I woke up Saturday morning (insert the Hallelujah chorus here.)

*  This is the last weekend of Nutcracker rehearsals (once again, please insert Hallelujah chorus here) and I am ecstatic over this.  I am quite ready to have my weekends back.  The Princess will have regular ballet classes next week, plus the dress rehearsal and technical rehearsal before the performances next weekend.  I can't wait to see her perform.

*  Last night we had a little get-together for the youth group and the parents here at our house.  The plan was to watch the boat parade...unfortunately, by the time they got to our dock most of the boats appeared to have left - there were only 5 or 6 boats and they were way out in the middle of the lake so we had a hard time seeing them!

*  In spite of the disappointment of the boat parade, we had a wonderful time...
The Princess had fun with her friends...

C and the older kids hung out by the bonfire, toasting burning marshmallows and talking...

There was a ton of food like this, of which I ate way too much...
And I made a trifle, which was yummy and creamy and much, much too good.
Especially since we have leftovers.

Oh dear.

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