Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mellow Mama

The past couple of days have been idyllic. I feel relaxed and content.  

It's amazing how mellow I become when I don't have a list of things to accomplish or places to go. It's astounding how cheerful and relaxed I am when I get a good night's sleep and don't feel stressed.

We haven't done anything exciting or glamorous with our time off. We aren't traveling to a theme park, or to visit family. We aren't rushing around and trying to fit a million things into our days.  

Here's what we are doing:

- We are all sleeping late every morning.
- Mr. Wonderful and I spend our mornings slowly reading the paper, sipping our coffee and talking.
- Lucy is happy to have the kids around all day. (Although she may not be so happy tomorrow when she gets a bath!)
- We are having family dinners...sitting and talking and laughing together.
- The kids have been helpful and cooperative and have been getting along amazingly well. 
- They have had time to go on facebook and chat with their friends and to bake cookies.  They have spent the day with their grandmother - shopping, eating lunch, and having milkshakes!
- Mr. Wonderful and I took advantage of this rare afternoon of freedom to do a bit of last minute shopping and to talk.  We spent the entire day together - just hanging out - and it was wonderful.
- We've had time to read books, and watch movies.
- The kids have had time to (for some reason) pretend that they were Dobby the house elf.  You know, from Harry Potter?  I don't know WHY they were pretending to be Dobby.  Actually, I couldn't even hazard a guess.  It was entertaining, though!

- P has decided that all this togetherness means that she has a built in audience, and so has been gracing us with impromptu ballet recitals throughout the house.  

- And Chef C has been busy in the kitchen...
...chopping and mixing and baking.  By the way, that glass of wine there on the counter is mine.  Just in case you were wondering!

Yes, the past two days have been fabulous.  But do you want to know that absolute BEST part?

We still have two more weeks of this zen-like state of bliss!

Two more weeks before schedules and school and activities and homework and rushing around and stress come back into our lives!

Isn't that awesome?

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