Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nutcracker highlights

It is Saturday evening, and Nutcracker is going well.  Naturally, we think The Princess is fabulous.

Because she is!

 I took some pictures of The Princess and her friend when we ate dinner between the rehearsal and the performance yesterday. It was a long, long day at the theatre, hence the goofiness!

And these were taken at the end of the tech rehearsal...getting some last minute instructions...

Sorry about the quality of the photos - very poor lighting conditions in the theatre!

I wasn't able to get pictures of the performance, because we're not allowed to take photographs.

At dinner tonight between the matinee and evening performance...

The dancers hung out and talked and laughed...

And then they had to get back to work again...

I have no earthly idea WHAT The Princess is doing with her eyes in this picture!

Afterwards, we all went out for dessert. Because nothing says "celebration" quite like chocolate! 
(Thanks, Mom!)

The Boy and his date.

Three performances down, and one to go.

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