Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stuff. And more stuff.

1.  This was a BUSY day.

2.  The Princess was confirmed this morning.
The Princess with the Bishop

The Princess with Father Kurt and Bishop Howard

3.  There was a gathering after church to celebrate the newly confirmed, with delicious food, witty conversation, and a lot of love and friendship.  Unfortunately, we had to dash away because...

4.  The Princess had Nutcracker rehearsal.  Again.  Or still.  Whatever.

5.  Only one more weekend of rehearsals, and then it is the weekend of the performances.  And then...we're done!  Woo Hoo!  Oh, oops, I mean...and then, ummm, we'll be SO sad to bid farewell to Sugarplum fairies and waltzing flowers and bonbons....

6.  Nah.  Not really.  I'm ready to have my weekends back!

7.  I dropped The Boy off at the house while I took The Princess to rehearsal so that he could water all of the plants, and then bring the smaller plants inside and cover the larger ones up.  Because tonight we're supposed to have a freeze.  Actually, it is supposed to be below freezing for the next 5 nights - and here in Florida that means covering the plants, leaving water running, and taking other precautions...
which basically just add up to a lot of work!!

8.  When The Princess and I arrived home from her rehearsal, not only did we find that The Boy had taken care of all the plants, but he had also made dinner for us.  Granted, it was a frozen skillet meal - but who cares? Anything I don't have to cook tastes like fine cuisine to me!

9.  And then!  After we ate, my sweet boy (who has been known on occasion to drive me cuh-razy) sat down with his sister and "tutored" her in French and Math.  I loved hearing them speaking French to each other (with big brother gently correcting her pronunciation) and giggling together.  It's moments like those that warm this momma's heart and make me think that maybe, just maybe, I'm doing something right after all!

10.  The first of the VK Family Christmas cards should begin arriving tomorrow, and I can't wait for feedback!

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