Friday, December 17, 2010

Beam me up Scotty, Skype is here.

When I was younger, we used to hear that it wouldn't be long before we were all talking on video phones.
To be completely honest, the idea always horrified me.  

In my teens and early 20's I talked on the phone lying on the floor or the couch, with my feet propped up on the wall, mindlessly twirling the curly cord around my fingers...
I liked the fact that I could be wearing pajamas and have a mask on my face, and  no one ever knew!

I remember the freedom that came with the early cordless phones. You could walk anywhere in your house - rummage around in the refrigerator, fold laundry, or paint your nails - all while talking on the phone. Of course, the reception wasn't always very good with those early models and you often had to walk around finding the perfect spot (without static)...
In the olden days, when parents would hire a babysitter and go out (child #1), they would have to make a list of everywhere they were planning to go and include phone numbers, in case of an emergency.

With the advent of cell phones (child #2) that all became unnecessary - you could just leave your cell phone number with the babysitter. Just like cordless phones, cell phones have evolved over the years. They have become smaller, more efficient, and are capable of doing much more...

Frankly, I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse.

Kids today all have cell phones. They have the latest, greatest models and they text constantly. They play games on them, and take pictures, and they rarely ever actually talk on the phone.

Boys never have to speak politely to parents when they call a girl's house. Everything is done via texting these days. Asking a girl on a date? Send her a text. Having a party? Send a text. 

And now, there is Skype.  
It's video.
It's telephone.
It's Star Trek and The Jetsons in today's world.

It's horrible.

The kids all use Skype. They love it. Sometimes they are texting while they're skyping.  

I suppose I am old fashioned. But I don't want you know what I look like when we talk on the phone. You probably don't really want to know what I look like either...I am usually wearing pajamas, my contacts are out and I'm wearing glasses. I'm not wearing makeup. I'm comfortable!

And do you know what else? Sometimes I don't answer my cell phone. Sometimes I don't want to talk to anyone. I don't believe that we should be accessible 24 hours a day. I don't believe that we need to see each other to have an enjoyable and informative conversation. I think that there should still be a few mysteries left in life. 

What do you think?

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