Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten really, really random things on Tuesday

1.  The other day as we were driving home we saw an SUV which the kids christened the "suspicious vehicle."
You can't really tell in these pictures, but there was a tinted shield over the license tag so that you couldn't really see it.

The windows were darkly tinted, and there weren't any identifying marks on the vehicle - I don't know if it was an Expedition or a Suburban.  It was just big and black.  And the driver was a jerk.

We were very curious about the "suspicious vehicle"...was it drug dealers?  The Mafia?  C was very concerned when P started taking photos - he was afraid they'd start firing at us with machine guns.  

There is absolutely no point to this little story.  I just thought I'd share.

You're welcome.

2.  It has been very, very cold here (for Florida) so we are having chili tonight.  It smells yummy.  The kids have also been baking cookies.

3.  I finished packing boxes with gifts today, and Mr. Wonderful mailed them for me.  It feels good to check another item off the list of things to do!

4.  A week or so ago we noticed that the dog was getting quite smelly.  When I walked into the house, I smelled stinky dog.  We'd give her a bath and a couple of hours later she would stink again.  It was awful.  Horrible.  Hideous.  I started to think back to when her horrid odor began, and realized it was a couple of weeks ago when I bought a cheaper brand of dog food (trying to save money).  I did some research and learned that Golden Retrievers are very sensitive to grains, especially corn.  I dumped the cheap food and went back to the expensive stuff and within 48 hours the stink was gone.

Weird, huh?

5.  I bought a different, healthier type of frozen waffles the last time I went to Publix...
which apparently C is not impressed with.  At all.

This morning he slapped the box down on the counter with a sneer of disgust and big sigh.  He said, "Why can't you ever just buy regular waffles?"

Then he sighed again (in exasperation?) and ate the healthy waffles.

But he wasn't happy about it.

6.  You may remember that we went to Michigan over Thanksgiving to visit family.  ON the way home, as we were going through Security and I was feeling frazzled and rushed, I grabbed one of the suitcases off of the conveyer belt with my left arm (I'm right-handed).  Shortly afterwards, I noticed that my arm felt kind of sore and weak-ish.  I figured that I probably pulled a muscle in my haste to grab everything quickly.  

My arm has felt sore off and on since then, especially if I lift anything heavy.

7.  This morning at 4:00 am, the smoke detector in the bedroom started chirping.  When I went to turn on the lamp on my bedside table, the bulb burned out.  I was feeling irritated and cross when I turned on the overhead light and pulled a chair over to try to take the battery out - I stood on the chair, lifted my left arm to steady myself, and tried, unsuccessfully, to take the battery out.  When I got down off the chair, I let my left arm fall to my side and immediately gasped in pain.

I'm not really sure what I did, but I can't move my arm to the back or the side now...
I have a doctor appointment tomorrow to try to figure out what in the world I did to my arm/shoulder.

8.  I'd just like to state for the record that this getting older stuff stinks.  I don't like it.  Bah.  

9.  I've been wondering about the whole "FBO" (facebook official) relationship status thing, and how it works.  I asked my son to explain the process to me...

ME:  So, do you just ask someone if they want to be in a relationship?
What does that mean, anyway?  "In a relationship?"

BOY:  Well, you know - there's a process to it.

ME:  What is the process?  

BOY:  Well...you have to, you know, ummm.....like someone.

ME:  OK.  Got it.  And then what?

BOY:  Well, the first thing is you have to talk to them.

ME:  Yes, that makes sense to me.

BOY:  And then you, like, flirt.  You know?

ME:  Yes, honey.  I know.

BOY:  And then, you ask them if they want to be your girlfriend.  And you go out.  And stuff.

ME:  Thank you, my sweet sugar-boy, for explaining this to me.

10.  And finally, a VK update:  C has mid-terms this week.  Tomorrow is the dress rehearsal for Nutcracker.  I see light at the end of the tunnel...

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