Monday, December 20, 2010

A few random Monday musings

The Princess (and hence, The Princess's family) had her last performance of Nutcracker yesterday.  While I love seeing her dance and I always enjoy the performance(s), I am SO FREAKING GLAD that Nutcracker is over for another year.

I always forget how time consuming all of the rehearsals are, and how it takes on a life of it's own.  Mr. Wonderful, The Princess and I are all feeling tired and irritable and are ready for a bit of a rest!

I looked through the photos on P's camera last night because she was going to try to get a picture of herself in her costume....

Interesting camera angle and facial expression, no?

Not quite what I had in mind when I asked her to take some pictures backstage!

Anyway.  It's over for another year, and now we can relax a bit.  Except...Christmas is in 5 days and I'm still not quite ready!

While I would love to stay in my warm, cozy pajamas all day and laze around reading a book and eating bonbons, I think I will have to make myself get up and get moving.  I need to go to Whole Foods and Target...and tomorrow Mr. Wonderful and I will wake up early and try to get to Costco before it gets too crazy.  After that, I'm done.  After that I intend to relax and bake cookies with the kids and watch movies and enjoy having nothing at all to do.  

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